Three finals for McCann Skopje at BalCannes

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McCann Skopje is a finalist in as many as three categories at this year’s BalCannes regional creative competition. The campaigns that were elected for the finals were created for the client Halkbank AD Skopje. The first campaign “B-Side Billboards” is a finalist in the category: Finance and Insurance, while the second campaign “Dresses with Pockets” is a finalist in two categories: Finance and Insurance and Community Care.

For the “B-Side Billboards” campaign, we focused on promoting option B. As construction expansion in the city centers gathers momentum, citizens who used to look at the mountains now have their eyes on the wall. Living in the central city area is no longer option A. Therefore, with this campaign, we wanted to highlight the benefits of living in a peaceful and green neighborhood. Using the B-sides of the billboards facing the green areas, some of them are literally in the branches. With a negligible media investment in the unwanted side of the billboard, the media “caught” the story and we got great results.

The second campaign, “Dresses with Pockets” is a campaign that instantly went viral on social media. With the help of a small fashion detail transformed into a powerful tool for positive change, we managed to put Halkbank and Mastercard high on the top-of-mind consciousness amongst people. Recognizing the need for financial freedom and pockets as a symbol, Halkbank and Mastercard have launched a special banking product for women entrepreneurs that empowers them to act in a bolder fashion.