Rosa Schools for parents

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Parenting is one of the most exciting life roles, but it can also be challenging especially for young parents. Rosa, on the other hand, as a brand has a clear intention to support all future parents and families in their new role, while nurturing the mission to provide stable family environment.

Therefore, as part of Rosa’s initiative to support parenthood on a regional level and locally,  Pivara Skopje and The Coca-Cola Company launched a fundraising campaign through which 1 MK denar was allocated from every 1,5 l. Rosa bottle sold and the funds were aimed for opening of “Rosa parenting schools” throughout the country.

The project was implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Health, which provided the premises in the public health institutions where the Rosa schools are located, but also the professional and trained medical staff to work in the schools, while the premises in the schools were completely renovated and equipped by Pivara Skopje.

In two years, 6 Rosa schools in Skopje, Bitola, Gostivar, Strumica, Ohrid and Kumanovo are in full function, while additional 3 are planned for 2020.

In order to have the best possible implementation of this significant project, we had a task primarily to implement a Communication strategy and localize a full IMC for the CRM campaign, but also to establish solid stakeholders’ management, to provide complete project management throughout the whole process of renovation of the premises and full PR support before, during and after the opening of all Rosa schools.

The project gained over 200 PR placements in relevant national media, including many TV coverages on the prime news. Moreover, the project “Rosa schools for parents” is widely known and recognized among the wide public.