Promotional campaign for fighting corruption in the public sector

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The Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index for 2019 ranks Macedonia in 106th place on the corruption in the public sector, which is down by 13 places compared to the previous year and corruption challenges still remain the country’s issue of concern.

UPOZ (Union of Administrative, Judiciary and Citizens’ Associations Workers) on the other hand, consisted of more than 4.000 members which are employees in the state administration bodies, judicial institutions, and citizens’ associations, has the power to help in the struggle against corruption and to help average citizens see the changes towards a better society, as a body who is in direct contact with the public workforce.

Wanting to help UPOZ in their efforts in enlisting its members in the fight against corruption, we established a solid educational framework throughout the country targeting exactly them and implemented an awareness-raising campaign that will also improve the Union’s visibility.

We delivered integrated communication strategy using PR, social media, and online channels and via careful selection of tailor-made key messages, we encouraged public administration employees to address the corruption cases via available protective legal mechanisms and report such cases.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the campaign was never finished, although solely in its 1st phase achieved a couple of dozens of positive PR placements, almost 2K FB new page likes and posts average reach of 57.409.