People are important

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Following Bank’s positioning as the 4th Bank on the market, the time has come to move forward in communication as well. It was time to have the first Halk corporate image campaign. In order to find the most adequate concept that will stand up to our client’s values, we primarily asked the question “what is really important?”. What is important for the Bank, for their employees, for us, for everyone.

The answer was obvious, in the center of everything the Bank does are people and the main message we wanted to spread was “People are important”. This, as an umbrella message, was turned into a long-term communication platform, that showed that Halkbank nurtures relationships based on guidance, expertise, and mutual trust; that partnerships are reliable, realistic, and trustworthy and that Halkbank truly takes care of all of its clients, their time and their financial assets.

Starting with a corporate TVC and OOH campaign portraying Halkbank’s real clients who are actually ordinary, everyday people, the umbrella message “The People are important” continued to live and even today still reflects on different product campaigns, services, and value propositions.

Nonetheless, the campaign actually repositioned the brand from where it has been to a place of relationship banking and showed that Halkbank truly stands for everything that matters.