Move Your Finger

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In a situation where the country was in the greatest political crisis in the last 20 years, we had the challenge to create a campaign that willsustain and amplify a critical space for Macedonians to be exposed to diverse meaning of civic participation, proactive civic dialogue, sharing their perspectives.

We called on people to exit their comfort zone of fear and to stop being afraid, and instead, to take charge and realize their importance in the socio-political processes. By using a popular saying “Move Your Finger” we have created a campaign bold enough to provoke expression of attitudes, one that activates different opinion makers  to discuss.

In the first year of the project, we produced a web platform as a focal point, featuring a map of Macedonia on which people could mark a problem in their local community, propose a solution to this problem and we would bring the problem to a relevant civic organization, so they could try and fix it.

This way we’ve empowered people to take action, by showing them how expressing attitudes can bring a change.

In the second year, the web page evolved into an aggregate for civic organizations, on which we featured profiles for all of the organizations that agreed to work with us and established a Board of organizations that had monthly meetings on which various grassroots activations were brainstormed, voted for and executed throughout the year.

The communication campaigns that supported all of these activities were full IMC, with focus on digital and social. We engaged influencers and public opinion experts on social media challenging to take action and to inspire others.

Overall, we’ve worked on the project for more than 2 years and had great results with over 100 grassroots events and involving more than 10,000 people.