Heineken 0.0

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In order to further on support the launch of Heineken 0.0 on the market and intrigue the consumers, we have developed a teaser campaign with the idea to create a countdown buzz until the official launch date, calling upon the target group to solve the mystery and the cryptic messages and to discover locations that were communicated on billboards, web banners, various media and influencers calling them to save the Destination 0.0 on their Google Maps apps. The campaign was conveyed by using two phases, with web and OOH campaign supported by SM and PR communication in order to create a countdown buzz until the launch date, calling upon the followers and random drivers to click on the link and save the Destination 0.0 where sampling will occur. On the launch date we have announced that now Destination 0.0 is on the go and all the target group needed to do is to follow the driving instructions on Google Maps and the signs throughout the City to reach it. When the consumers reached the Destination, promo teams from Heineken 0.0 were waiting for them at an impressively branded promo stand and sampled cold Heineken 0.0 that was served to all of the drivers that followed the instructions on Google Maps. With this appealing reveal, the newest member of the Heineken family has been introduced on the market, Heineken 0.0 with 0% alcohol and 100% excellent taste.