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The mobile device is truly becoming substitute for a wallet and with this in mind, Halkbank offers its users of payment cards to enjoy faster and more convenient contactless way of payments on all POS terminals through the new mobile application HalkPay.

Aiming to excite the consumers about the new application by dramatizing the value of having and using it, McCann Skopje created an authentic and relevant platform for the consumers both on the communication and content levels.

By experimenting with the AR technology, we came up with an interesting joint of what is real and what is computer generated, so we created the first ever TVC combining real life scenes video and 3D animation, in which the two main characters comprised of a mobile phone and a wallet, tell a unique love story and at the end they become one: a smartphone with the possibility of paying. This way we actually delivered the key message of the campaign: “Now the mobile phone is truly becoming a wallet” and towards the consumers we opened the world of new opportunities through the most convenient, innovative and accessible way of paying.

The following communication was integrated through all channels and as part of the campaign, we also created 7 funny bloopers with the main characters, which were supposedly made during the shooting of the TVC.