Design of catalogue and brochure

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The purpose of the catalog and the brochure was to promote the image of Macedonia as a wine country, to increase awareness and recognition of Macedonian wines on international markets in order to provide greater opportunities for export and to strengthen revenue generation for the grape growers and the wineries.

Aware that the catalog and the brochure are two of the most powerful marketing tools for presenting and promoting products, services, and the brand itself, we have created an attractive design, with a powerful look, useful infographics, authentic photos, and clear content organization.

Macedonian wines have exceptional sensory qualities, which combine them in harmony, the impact on the senses, the specifics of the territory, the natural conditions, and history. All these elements make up the concept of the wine, ideally copied in the catalog and the brochure to tell the story of the wine in a way that delights the audience and stimulates interest among potential buyers.