Collecting and Re-creating with Bimilk

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Bimilk, as a socially responsible company, always bears children and socially endangered groups in its core focus, but this time instead of simple donation, we wanted to also educate children about recycling, care for the environment, gaining healthy habits from earliest age by milk and dairy products consumption, and about humanity and helping each other as well.

For this purpose, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, we created the long-term project called “Collecting and Re-creating with Bimilk” which was implemented in 4 separate phases, starting with invitation to kindergarten children from different cities throughout Macedonia to collect empty “Bitolsko mleko” milk cartons and followed by creative workshops for reusing and turning the empty milk cartons into other useful objects. In its third phase, the project continued with visits by the “Bitolsko Chupe” character in all 12 kindergartens where specially prepared educational programme was realized.

The final stage of the project was the big New Year’s Charity Bazaar in one of the malls in Skopje, which included an exhibition of all the “recreated” objects from recycled milk cartons and many, many fun activities. The event was aimed towards raising funds for the SOS Children’s Village Macedonia.

Within the project, we organized a total of 12 creative workshops and visits by the Bitolsko Chupe in 8 different cities throughout Macedonia, and we have managed to encourage over 2.000 children to recycle and reuse empty milk cartons.

At the end, the result was over 1,000 different and creative objects made. PR vise, total of 130 different free/earned PR articles were obtained, with a great advertising and emotional value.