Coca-Cola Active Zones

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As part of Coca-Cola and Pivara’s Skopje global platform promoting active lifestyle, including all categories of citizens, Pivara Skopje and The Coca-Cola Company, in partnership with the local authorities, from 2016 to 2018 has donated a total of 15 open air fitness and recreational areas called “Coca-Cola Active Zones” in total of 15 different municipalities throughout Macedonia.

This project, however, was not a random donation to the local communities. It was a representation of a solid partnership among the client, the Agency and the local authorities, in which we all together identified the municipalities where there was bigger need for this kind of recreational areas in period when the awareness for outdoor training was still at low level.

In order to promote them, but also to strengthen the perception of Pivara Skopje and TCCC as socially responsible companies that invest in supporting active lifestyle among all categories of citizens, 3 years in a row with the support of the local authorities, we were organizing local open events for the opening of the “Active Zones”.

These open events truly united the overall local community, from children and families, through schools and recreationists, up to professional athletes, into a unique outdoor experience. Furthermore, the project inspired thousands of citizens to have more active lifestyle, but also to spend more time with their close ones and to enjoy moments of recreational sport and happiness.

However, that wasn’t all. The “Active Zones” became a symbol of recognition in the municipalities and inspired many other companies to implement projects of this kind.

Regarding PR, each opening was supported by strong media coverage from the most relevant national and local media, which at the end resulted in nearly 500 free PR placements for all 3 cycles of the project.