A1 World of Music

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The rebranding process of VIP into A1 was not just about changing graphic designs; it was about going to the core of what the company stands for and making internal transformation outwardly tangible.

In order to promote and celebrate the new brand also with the wider public, organizing the A1 World of Music concert was a great opportunity to make a new impression and a great occasion for the new brand to shine.

McCann Skopje was responsible for the overall organization and execution of this massive event, which hosted over 15.000 visitors, but also for spreading the word about the rebranding in advance and inviting audiences to this open-air free entrance concert.

A1 World of Music had an impressive line-up, starting with a performance of the local band Funk Shui and followed by the first culmination of the evening – the Macedonian pop star Vlatko Lozanoski. The most popular Macedonian singer and diva Karolina Goceva appeared next on the massive stage, performing live and in synergy with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra. Finally, the star of the evening, Roisin Murphy, formerly known as the lead singer of the band “Moloko”, gave her fabulous performance and the German DJ Alle Farben joined in the finale and closed the event. The show lasted more than four hours while in the meantime the hilarious and charismatic actor Gorast Cvetkovski was entertaining the audience as the Master of the Ceremony of this spectacular event.

By creating fun content for all attendees, we enlivened the performance and created an experience that was shared and teased across all social media platforms. The event was also visited by many celebrities and media, giving the whole project significant media coverage.