16 Days Activism: #СлушниЈа

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Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread violations of human rights and has long-term devastating effects on the lives of women, their communities and wider society.

Having this in mind, each year in November UNDP launches its “16 Days” campaign in effort to put an end to gender-related violence, so in 2018 our task was to develop and implement a creative and out of the box ‘16 days’ campaign to raise awareness to end the violence against women and to encourage the world to listen.

Being aware how important is to spotlight the important role we all play in contributing to addressing this issue, through our campaign, we “oranged” places and minds of people for 16 days.

Deriving from the global moto of the 2018 campaign #HearMeToo, we were using the voice, the sound of the abused women to emotionally bond the target audience with the SOS call for help, but also, we were redirecting the public awareness towards the voice of the relevant institutions working in this field.

In creative context, the sound wave of the abused women call for help, was carefully combined with a heart as symbol for emotions, sympathy, solidarity, guts and intuition to do the right thing.

Using non-conventional channels, the slogan #HereMeToo shifted the focus away from the shame and fear of victims to the behavior of perpetrators. It sparked a viral sensation, spotlighting the systemic problem of sexual harassment and assault against women.

Both celebrities and everyday women, inspired by the content we created as part of the digital platform and communication strategy, used the hashtag #MeToo on social media to share stories of sexual violence.