Together with SKOPSKO we create new memories

Hey, all of you that are always in rush, slow down a little bit, you are obviously missing something beautiful… stop for a while and read this text, we will tell you our new story of SKOPSKO and McCann, you will see the latest commercial for the epic brand made by our agency.

Following the authenticity and uniqueness of SKOPSKO, we managed to reflect our everyday life looking through a positive prism full of optimism about the beautiful things around us, in an original way through the commercial.

Nikola Ristanovski tells the story. Energetic and positive, Ristanovski moving through different everyday situations invites people to stop for a moment and enjoy life, enjoy the everyday moments and turn them into tomorrow's memories.

We conveyed an inspiring, clear, honest message, meant for everyone: to slow down a bit and to live in the present moment, because today’s experiences are tomorrow’s memories.

The commercial is from domestic production and all of the scenes were filmed on various locations in Skopje, together with the team of Vertigo Production House.

Finally, hey, all of you, friends and neighbors, shy and loud, young and old, stop for a moment and feel – the life is around us, let’s be part of it and together with SKOPSKO create our new memories.