Put an end to violence against women and girls

“16 days of activism to end violence against women and girls” is a campaign in which together with UNDP we colored Macedonia in orange and during those 16 days we put an end on violence against women and girls.

We illuminated the Stone Bridge in orange, formed human orange ribbons across Macedonia, organized student debates at the Universities, shared orange ribbons everywhere with everyone, encouraged TV anchors to wear orange ribbons, got 199 media reports and 72 media went orange for 16 days. Social media were full with posts and pictures under the hashtag #ставиточка.

With the presence of the orange color during the 16 days and the numerous activities under the 'umbrella' of the powerful slogan "Put an End" we managed to present our ultimate goal - the prevention of violence against women and girls. The slogan strongly communicates the need of all together to put an end to the silence, tolerance, ignorance of the problems. The unique messages that we revived through the social media has prompted people to share, encourage and incite action to put an end on violence. They were swamped with posts and photos under the hashtag #ставиточка, reaching 1.988.941 Facebook Impressions.