Bitolsko Chupe is taking you on a journey!

Thinking of the smallest ones and inspired by their joy and excitement, together with BiMilk and Bitolsko Chupe (local expression for a girl from Bitola), we have started the latest kids’ adventure: big prize winning game related with their product UHT milk with 10 vitamins.

Having in mind the importance of vitamin intake as well as creative development of children, the prize winning game is an excellent way to put this 2 things together and inspire children to lead a healthy and active lifestyle while keeping in mind the fun. The game is simple, fun and educational. The creatives depict the Bitolsko Chupe inviting the smallest ones to drink the milk enriched with vitamins, to collect images, enjoy the adventures and believe that they will be one of the winners of the super prizes including a trip to Berlin’s zoo for the whole family.