Interview with Vladimir Dimovski for Media Marketing

Vladimir Dimovski: The Macedonian advertising scene has been functioning actively for more than two decades. The truth is that the market is still small, the budgets are limited, but if we follow the growth tendency the best days for advertising in Macedonia are ahead of us

Interviewed by: Ekrem Dupanovic


The Agency McCann Skopje, part of the leading regional group I&F McCann, has been sending positive vibes from the worm South towards the other agencies part of the Group. Good atmosphere, positive thinking, creative boost and optimism towards the future are clear indicators that the agency is on a solid ground and in safe steering hands of Vladimir Dimovski with whom we talked about the agency and the Macedonian advertising market.


McCann Skopje brought the first Cannes lion in the region. What is the creative energy of the Agency nowadays?


Golden Lion is the most prestigious award that can be won in the creative industry. It represents the biggest and most important acknowledgement for the creative work. However, the awards should not be considered as the peak of creativity, in terms of that you have reached the maximum and that’s it. Awards should encourage a „new page in live“ of an agency. The awards won by McCann Skopje are result of our efforts and strive to be the best. However, everyone has its period of excelency, maybe even its best before period, so that you can never reach „the ultimate best“.  In these terms, the awards serve as encouragement for more and better and one should know how to use them as such.

Golden Lion served as boost of creative energy in the agency that is now in its full rise.



There are many young creative people in the agency. Does this mean that you have new strength for new victories?


Our experienced team has been enriched with young and energetic professionals, without the creative “luggage” if I may say. The result is that our team is open to unlimited and unbounded creative ideas, and we don’t use stereotypes. We are lucky to be working with partners that possess understanding and width in thinking, they can absorb our creativity and I believe that we are on great creative level.

The creative approach towards the consumers is a great challenge. The consumers nowadays know exactly how they would like to be addresses, when and in what way, they have their own expectations. One should always strive to find ways how to approach the consumers, how to create content, how to tell the story in a new and more refreshing way. Creativity in each communication sphere is a constant process without which our work is unthinkable. 


There is limited information on the Macedonian advertising industry available. Could you explain a little bit the Macedonian advertising market?


The Macedonian advertising scene has been active for more than two decades. McCann Skopje is present from the very beginning. In 2012 we have separated our media business in a specialized media Agency UM Skopje. Over the past couple of years we have witnessed many things, good and bed (and we still are), but I need to say that today, bed things are outnumbered by the good ones. Nowadays everything is more structured and organized, there are certain rules in the game, competition, and there are many educated and experienced people in marketing.

We are still underdeveloped market, but far better that in the beginning. 20 years ago there were only two agencies, couple of big advertisers, and only one private TV station. People dealing with marketing, unfortunately, were the ones that after the period of privatization and restructuring marketing wasn’t their profession. I remember that in that time, if you were about to call a domestic company and ask for someone from the marketing department, in 90 percentages of the cases you would have been connected to the manager, sales department, distribution, office management...people dealing with marketing actually didn't exist. Nowadays the situation is completely different. Local companies are becoming aware of the fact that even the best product on the world will be left in the warehouse without good marketing. There is an increase in the number of domestic companies that work on their marketing strategies, plan advertising budgets and choose an agency to work with.

The truth is that the market is still small, the budgets are limited, but if we follow the growth tendency the best days for advertising in Macedonia are ahead of us. The marketing scene is nowadays completely different, and all of us that are working in the industry gave contribution. We have large advertisers, local agencies and agencies that are part of the biggest advertising networks in the region, acknowledged creativity from different international festivals, and most of all conscious consumers that have their own expectations from their favorite brands.

I believe that everyone that has ever worked in the Macedonian market is aware of the fact where we were and where are we standing today. We have reached an improvement that is something we should be proud of.


What is McCann’s position on the Macedonian market?


Unfortunately in Macedonia there is no available research, criteria, rankings or regulatory body for that.  The positioning of agencies is based on individual evaluation, but there are facts that should be taken into account and should not be left out and by which we are in top three agencies on the Macedonian market.

McCann and UM Skopje are standing on “solid ground”. Throughout the long lasting collaboration we have confirmed that we are a reliable partner. Some of the leading companies in the world are our partners from the very beginning. UM Skopje in its portfolio has some of the main advertisers on the market.

The business results of our clients are proof that we possess knowledge, experience and talented professionals. We are part of the leading communication  system, I&F McCann Grupa which is part of one of the biggest worldwide agency network McCann Worldgroup. Being part of I&F McCann Grupa brings us in the position of offering the best service to our clients, and that together with other regional McCann offices we can create and execute integrated regional campaigns. And last, but  something that is maybe the most important, we are creative. We were the first ones in the region who have won the most prestigious award in the advertising sector, Golden Lion on Cannes Festival.

These are the facts that position us on the very top.


Who are the most important clients?


All of the clients are equally important and this is something that distinguishes us from the others. The clients from our two agencies, are leading worldwide and local companies and we have been working with a lot of them from the very beginning, that is more that and evident proof of good partnership and mutual trust.

We are working with some of the leading worldwide brands and companies such as Coca-Cola, Vip operator – Telekom Austria, Heineken, L’Oreal, Sparkasse Banka.  We work with Skopska Pivara and their flagship brand Skopsko beer, Alkaloid, BiMilk...and many others, but we also work with a lot of small companies that are breaking through on the market. All of them would like to have agency team that takes care of them, of their products, services, image, and reputation in the best possible way. And all of them should receive such care.

Our relationship with the clients is more than appropriate and professional. It is part of the agency's culture and culture of each one of the employees. We are striving to make partnership that makes you feel that you are in safe hands and provides open two side communication.

I would like to say that we have professional „closeness“ and I believe that this is the only possible way how to reach the goals. We are always there for our clients, for every request and question, offering the best quality service. I believe that the experience and work has thought us this.