McCANN Agencies with most campaigns on Balcannes

At this year’s show for the best add campaigns in our region “BalCannes” in Rovinj, the agencies that work within the McCann Group, had the biggest number of elected campaigns in the top 25- even 4.
The choice of the best campaigns was made by a jury that consisted of journalists and editors form the most renowned regional media that follow the advertising and communication fields. Representatives from every agency had the opportunity to present the campaigns that marked the past year. 
McCann Skopje introduced itself with the Tikves Winery “Wine bon-ton” campaign. Aware of the lack of knowledge the consumers have in wine culture, the way of serving, consuming and combining the wine, the Winery wanted to do something about this. The agency came up with a fun, easy and interactive way to educate the public and the Tikves consumers and to direct them to their Facebook page and to increase their overall engagement. Through a well- thought off on-line game, “Wine bon-ton”, the buyers of the Tikves wines got the opportunity to get acquainted with the way a wine should be served and consumed. 
The McCann Belgrade agency introduced itself with two campaigns: for Lav beer and for Raiffeisen bank. The Raiffeisen bank campaign with the title “Can” had great success from the very begging and grew into a spontaneous viral campaign on the social media. A lot of internet users did their own versions of short messages that often in fun way played with the social and political prejudice. 
“Lav, game & passion” is the name of the Lav beer campaign that aimed at activating and gathering the fans of the most famous football clubs. With joint interest, Partizan and Red Star “Lav, game & passion” became a cheering competition where the popular delii and grobari competed to get black and white chairs for the Partizan stadium, or buses for the Red Star fans and the professional team. 
For the first time at the BalCannes festival, an agency form Montenegro introduced itself with its own campaign, the McCann Podgorica agency. They presented the campaign for prevention of breast cancer, made as a pro-bono campaign. Unfortunately, most cases of breast cancer in Montenegro are revealed in their advanced stadiums. Still this illness can be defeated if revealed on time. The results of the “Don’t be late” campaign exceeded all expectations. The campaign was realized in October, a month dedicated to fight against breast cancer, and within the next few months a significantly larger number of women signed up for preventative checkups. 

For this year’s, second in a row BalCannes show which will take place within the Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj, over 60 agencies with 82 campaigns form Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia applied. Although BalCannes does not have a competitive character and there are no awards, the 25 best campaigns elected by the jury of journalists form the region that follow the marketing industry, were presented in front of a hall full of people among who were advertisers who gather at the Weekend Media festival. 
New at this year’s festival were the panel discussions. On one of them, meant for the marketing agencies called “The art of the impossible- working in the region”,  Zdenka Milanovik, regional director of McCann participated, where she talked to the panel participants about her experiences in servicing  regional clients, merging markets and the development of the creative industry in the region.