New digital platform - Glassful

Client: Pivara Skopje


Challenge: The existing website of Pivara Skopje was due to be updated. Our task was to develop a completely new and innovative approach that reaffirms Pivara Skopje’s first position on the market.


Solution: The global trend is to move away from pure corporate promotion to providing extra value to the visitors when coming to the website. Therefore, we have developed a completely new corporate publishing platform called Glassful. On this platform we share content that is relevant to Pivara Skopje, such as beer stories, beer and food pairings, active life stories, interviews with relevant sportsmen, health and safety, innovations, lifestyle… In addition, social media was activated for the company to develop a more personal and meaningful relationship with consumers, buyers and suppliers. On social media channels, content from the platform is shared and these channels serve as main traffic driver to the website.


Results: in the first 2 months of the launch, there were 20,000+ visits on the platform, 60,000+ page views, 3,500 Facebook fans, overall Facebook reach of 400,000.