Your way to stay fit

Client: Bimilk


Challenge: Fit was the first Greek yogurt on the market and people didn’t know much about this category and the benefits from using this kind of product. Moreover, 2 new flavors of the yogurt were to be introduced. Our task was to identify the key communication channels where we could reach and engage with the target audience, young go-getters who lead healthy and active lifestyle.


Solution: Research showed that the members of this target audience are heavy internet users and that they consider the internet as their main source of information. Therefore, we have decided to have an integrated digital approach for the Fit relaunch. We developed a microsite/blog that was the campaign’s focal point where we created content relevant for the target group (tips for exercising, healthy recipes, active life). In addition to this type of content we generated “hidden” content about the Greek yogurt category as well benefits from consuming Fit. Content from this blog was shared on social media (Facebook and Instagram) which was the main driver of visits. Also, we developed web banners placed on local media, as well as Google ads to additionally boost traffic to the blog. On YouTube we promoted a video that explained the benefits from consuming this yogurt. Moreover, we engaged influencers in the category of healthy living to promote the product on their social profiles.


Results: Although the campaign lasted 2 months, the blog is still very active and generates traffic daily. During the campaign there were 40,000 visits on the blog, more than 350,000 reacgon Facebook,10,000 new Facebook fans, 1,000 Instagram followers, engagement rate on social media was 10%.